New Guía de Bolsillo de la de Aspergilosis invasora, 2. Ed
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Volume 21 (2004)

Histopathological diagnosis of mycoses
E Mayayo Artal
Is there a role for antibody testing in the diagnosis of invasive candidiasis?
G Quindós, MD Moragues & J Pontón
Molecular identification methods of yeasts of biotechnological interest
T Orberá Ratón
Genotypes of Candida dubliniensis in clinical isolates
S Brena, MC Rubio, R Salesa, I Iglesias,J Gil, A Rezusta, MD Moragues & J Pontón
Phenotypic and genotypic identification of Candida spp. isolated from hospitalized patients
J Campos de Pinho Resende, G Regina Franco, C Augusto Rosa, RC Hahn & J Soares Hamdan
Effect of metabolic substances of oral Actinomyces on Candida albicans
S Gutiérrez de Annan & L Benito de Cárdenas
Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis: retrospective case record review
M Farouk Allam, A Serrano Del Castillo, C Díaz-Molina, R Fernández-Crehuet Navajas
Superficial infections caused by Microsporum canis in humans and animals
C Segundo, A Martínez, R Arenas, R Fernández & RA Cervantes
Natural presence of Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) Vuillemin in the sugar cane (Saccharum sp. hybrid) in Cuba
ME Estrada, M Romero, MJ Rivero & F Barroso
Clinical cases in Medical Mycology: case 7
R Negroni & S Helou
Clinical cases in Medical Mycology: case 8
R Negroni, E Abbatte, A Arechavala & P Bonvehí
Invasive fungal infection in immunocompromised patients
JC García-Ruiz, E Amutio & J Pontón
In-vitro activity of 5-fluorocytosine against 1,021 Spanish clinical isolates of Candida and other medically important yeasts
G Quindós, MT Ruesga, E Martín-Mazuelos, R Salesa, R Alonso-Vargas, AJ Carrillo-Muñoz, S Brena, R San Millán, & J Pontón
Differences in extracellular enzymatic activity between Candida dubliniensis and Candida albicans isolates
V Vidotto, J Pontón, S Aoki, G Quindós, B Mantoan, A Pugliese, S Ito-Kuwa & K Nakamura
Interruption of antifungal secondary prophylaxis in AIDS-related histoplasmosis
R Negroni, SH Helou, G López Daneri, AM Robles, AI Arechavala & MH Bianchi
Posaconazole therapy for severe abdominal candidiasis: a case report
AM Tobón, AL Correa, M Arango, C de Bedout & A Restrepo
Rapid identification of Candida glabrata using a new commercial kit
J Pemán, N Aparisi, C García-Esteban & M Gobernado
Candida ciferrii in an immunocompromised patient
P García-Martos, J Ruiz-Aragón, L García-Agudo, A Saldarreaga, MC Lozano & P Marín
A new caffeic acid minimal synthetic medium for the rapid identification of Cryptococcus neoformans isolates
V Vidotto, S Aoki, J Pontón, G Quindós, C Yumi Koga-Ito & A Pugliese
Carbohydrate assimilation by clinical and environmental Rhodotorula glutinis strains
P García-Martos, L García-Agudo, J Ruiz-Aragón, A Saldarreaga & P Marín
Tinea faciae due to Trichophyton soudanense: first report in Argentina
MR Elías Costa, M Díaz & AR Kaminsky
Growth in species of the genus Ascobolus. II. (Pezizales- Ascomycota)
DA Dokmetzian & ME Ranalli
Clinical cases in Medical Mycology: Case No. 9
R Negroni
Biological treatments of contaminated soils: hidrocarbons contamination. Fungal applications
C Martín Moreno, A González Becerra & MJ Blanco Santos
Aerobiological study of Alternaria and Cladosporium conidia in the atmosphere of Almeria (SE Spain)
S Sabariego Ruiz, C Díaz de la Guardia Guerrero & F Alba Sánchez
Some micromycetes isolated from spoiled food and soil in Argentine Antarctica
RM Comerio & W Mac Cormack
Phenotypic evaluation to differentiate Candida albicans and Candida dubliniensis
LM Mesa, N Arcaya, O Cañas, Y Machado & B Calvo
Diffuse cutaneous candidiasis in a dog. Diagnosis by PCR-REA
A Moretti, B Posteraro, L Boncio, L Mechelli, E De Gasperis, F Agnetti & M Raspa
Cryptococcemia. An analysis of 28 cases with emphasis on the clinical outcome and its etiologic agent
AC Pasqualotto, C Bittencourt Severo, F de Mattos Oliveira & LC Severo
Dermatophytoses due to Microsporum gypseum: Report of eight cases and literature review
P García-Martos, J Ruiz-Aragón, L García-Agudo & M Linares
Fixed cutaneous sporotrichosis incognito
LJ Méndez-Tovar, AE Anides-Fonseca, G Peña-González, et al.
Clinical cases in Medical Mycology. Case No. 10
R Negroni, A Arechavala & P Bonvehí
Clinical cases in Medical Mycology. Case No. 11
R Negroni, AM Robles & A Arechavala
Impact factor of Revista Iberoamericana de Micología
R Aleixandre Benavent, JC Valderrama Zurián, A Miguel-Dasit & JI de Granda Orive
Intraspecific chromosomal variability in human pathogenic fungi, especially in Histoplasma capsulatum
R Romero-Martínez, C Canteros & ML Taylor
Study of acute vulvovaginitis in sexually active adult women, with special reference to candidosis, in patients of the Francisco J. Muñiz Infectious Diseases Hospital
L Buscemi, A Arechavala & R Negroni
SSCP analysis (ITS2, ERG11) in clinical Candida isolates from oral cavity in oncology patients
MM Díaz-López, OA Oliveros-Garay & O Orozco-Diaz
Adherence of Candida to prosthesis obturator and post-surgical cavity in the maxilla as the reason of chronic stomatitis in patients with surgical removal of maxillary tumours
W Wieckiewicz, E Baran, D Zenczak-Wieckiewicz & A Proniewicz
Clinical-epidemiological aspects of pytiriasis versicolor (PV) in a fishing community of semiarid region from Falcon State, Venezuela
ME Acosta Quintero & DJ Cazorla Perfetti
Use of coffee spent industry residues for production of Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq.:Fr.) Kummer in solid state fermentation
D Job
A comparative study of blood culture conventional method vs. a modified lysis/centrifugation technique for the diagnosis of fungemias
AR Santiago, B Hernández, M Rodríguez & H Romero
Correlation of Candida species and symptoms among patients with vulvovaginal candidiasis in Maringá, Paraná, Brazil
ME Lopes Consolaro,T Aline Albertoni, C Shizue Yoshida, J Mazucheli, RM Peralta & TI Estivalet Svidzinski
High molecular weight chitosan and sodium alginate effect on secretory acid proteinase of Candida albicans
S Calamari, A Bojanich, S Barembaum, A Azcurra, C Virga & S Dorronsoro
Evaluation of two PCR methodologies for the detection of Aspergillus DNA
M Cruzado, JL Blanco, C Durán, M Andrino & ME García
Clinical cases in Medical Mycology: case 12
R Negroni, A Arechavala & P Bonvehí
Clinical cases in Medical Mycology: case 13
R Negroni & A Arechavala

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