New Guía de Bolsillo de la de Aspergilosis invasora, 2. Ed
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Volume 26 (2009)

Micafungin, a new candin for the treatment of invasive mycoses

EDITORES: Amalia del palacio, José Pontón y Guillermo Quindós


Micafungin, a new candin for the treatment of invasive mycoses
Amalia del palacio, José Pontón, Guillermo Quindós

Epidemiology of invasive candidiasis in pediatric and adult populations
Amalia del Palacio, Julia Villar, Almudena Alhambra
Usefulness of biological markers in the diagnosis of invasive candidiasis
José Pontón
Novel antifungal agents, targets or therapeutic strategies for the treatment of invasive fungal diseases: a review of the literature (2005-2009)
Ana Espinel-Ingroff
Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokineticts of micafungin in adults, children and neonate
Mercedes Catalán-González, Juan Carlos Montejo-González
In vitro antifungal activity of micafungin
Guillermo Quind&oacutge;s, Elena Eraso, Alfonso Javier Carrillo-Muñoz, Emilia Cantón, Javier Pemán
Micafungin: experimental therapy of fungal infections in animal models
Francisco Javier Pastor, Josep Guarro
Activity of micafungin against Candida biofilms
Guillermo Quindós, María Villar-Vidal, Elena Eraso
Micafungin for the treatment of neonatal invasive candidiasis
María Elena Infante-López, Pablo Rojo-Conejo
Micafungin in pediatric and adolescent patients
Luis Madero-López
Micafungin for therapy of invasive candidiasis in solid organ transplant recipients
Jesús Fortún-Abete
Clinical use of micafungin for the treatment of invasive candidiasis in critical ill patients
Juan Carlos Pozo-Laderas
Micafungin in invasive candidiasis among oncohematological patients
Isidro Jarque, Miguel Ángel Sanz
Ophthalmoscopic surveillance in treated patients with invasive Candida disease
Eugenio Pérez-Blázquez
Future role of micafungin in the treatment of invasive mycoses caused by filamentous fungi
Miguel Salavert-Lletí, Rafael Zaragoza-Crespo
Pharmacoeconomics of therapy in invasive candidiasis
Santiago Grau-Cerrato, Olivia Ferrández-Quirante
Revista Iberoamericana de Micología should be adapted to present
Quindós G, Alonso-Vargas R, Mena JA & Guarro J
Confusing the confused: thoughts on impact factor, h(irsch) index, Q value, and other cofactors that influence the researcher’s happiness
Quindós G
Medicinal interest of Poria cocos (= Wolfiporia extensa)
Illana Esteban C
Colonization by yeasts in newborns and healthcare personnel in a neonatal intensive care unit at a university hospital in Bogotá, Colombia
Orozco PA, Cortés JA & Parra CM
Molecular epidemiology of isolates of the Cryptococcus neoformans species complex from Spain
Frasés S, Ferrer C, Sánchez M & Colom-Valiente MF
Incidence of dermatophytosis in a public hospital of São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo State, Brazil
Pelegrini A, Possatto Takahashi J, Carolina de Queiroz Moreira Pereira, Bom Pessoni R & Souza MC
Effects of a DNA vaccine in an animal model of Alternaria alternata sensitivity
Sánchez H, Bush RK, Sorkness RL, Tuffaha A, Rosenthal LA & Phillips L
Molecular phylogeny of asexual entomopathogenic fungi with special reference to Beauveria bassiana and Nomuraea rileyi
Nageswara Rao Reddy Neelapu, Annette Reineke, Uma Maheswara Rao Chanchala & Uma Devi Koduru
A case of colonization of a prosthetic mitral valve by Acremonium strictum
Guarro J, del Palacio A, Gené J, Cano J & Gómez González C
Erythema multiforme secondary to cutaneous Trichophyton mentagrophytes infection
Contreras-Barrera ME, Moreno-Coutiño G, Torres-Guerrero DE, Aguilar-Donis A & Arenas R
Disseminated histoplasmosis in a gazelle dorca (Gazella dorcas neglecta) kept in captivity conditions in Spain
Fariñas F, Flores L, Rodríguez P, Sabalete T & Quevedo MA
Studies of viability and vitality after freezing of the probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii: physiological preconditioning effect
Pardo S, Galvagno MA & Cerrutti P
Clinical problems in medical micology: problem n. 37
Maiolo E, Negroni R, Arechavala A, Santiso G, Bianchi M & Schiavelli R
Letter to editor
Extraungual dermatophytoma
Moreno-Coutiño G & Arenas R
Aspergillosis in patients treated with monoclonal antibodies
Nedel WL, Kontoyiannis DP & Pasqualotto AC
Nosocomial candidemia at a general hospital: The change of epidemiological and clinical characteristics. A comparative study of 2 cohorts (1993–1998 versus 2002–2005)
Gómez J, García-Vázquez E, Espinosa C, Ruiz J, Canteras M, Hernández-Torres A, Baños V, Herrero JA & Valdés M
In vitro inhibitory effect of ajoene on Candida isolates recovered from vaginal discharges
Carrero S, Romero H & Apitz-Castro R
Fluconazole and amphotericin B susceptibility testing of Cryptococcus neoformans: Results of minimal inhibitory concentrations against 265 isolates from HIV-positive patients before and after two or more months of antifungal therapy
Arechavala AI, Ochiuzzi ME, Borgnia MD & Santiso GM
Morphological and molecular characterization of the antagonistic interaction between the endophyte Diaporthe sp. isolated from frailejón (Espeletia sp.) and the plant pathogen Phytophthora infestans
Prada H, Ávila L, Sierra R, Bernal A & Restrepo S
Effect of phenotypic switching on expression of virulence factors by Candida albicans causing candidiasis in diabetic patients
Antony G, Saralaya V, Bhat KG, Shenoy MS & Shivananda PG
Microsporum canis on dermatologically healthy cats in Temucocity, Chile
Betancourt O, Salas V, Otarola A, Zaror L, Salas E & Neumann J
Fungemia caused by Candida lipolytica: Speaking of two cases
Blanco MT, García-Martos P, García-Tapia A, Fernández C, Navarro J & Guerrero F
Opportunistic co-infection in a patient with Crohn’s disease during infliximab (anti-TNFa) therapy
Salavert M, Bastida G, Pemán J & Nos P
Sporothrix globosa, a pathogenic fungus with widespread geographical distribution
Madrid H, Cano J, Gené J, Bonifaz A, Toriello C & Guarro J
Amphotericin B: side effects and toxicity
Laniado-Laborín R &Cabrales-Vargas MN
Prevalence of tinea pedis, tinea unguium of toenails and tinea capitis in school children from Barcelona
Pérez-González M, Torres-Rodríguez JM, Martínez-Roig A, Segura S, Griera G, Triviño L & Pasarín M
Mycobiota and mycotoxins in fermented feed, wheat grains and corn grains in Southeastern Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Roigé MB, Aranguren SM, Riccio MB, Pereyra S, Soraci AL & Tapia MO
Isolation of wood-decaying fungi and evaluation of their enzymatic activity (Quindío, Colombia)
Chaparro DF, Rosas DC & Varela A
Histoplasmosis in an immunocompetent man manifested 45 years after infection
Torres-Rodríguez JM, Segura-Roca G & Coll J
Simultaneous bilateral lymphangitic sporotrichosis
Barba Borrego JA, Mayorga J & Tarango-Martínez VM
Esporotricosis fija con cuerpo asteroide junto al fragmento vegetal
Orellana A, Moreno-Coutiño G, Poletti E, Vega ME & Arenas R
Sobre “Métodos moleculares de identificación de levaduras de interés biotecnológico”
Molina AM
White piedra in a pediatric patient: A case report
Muñoz Estrada VF, Díaz Carrizales EE, González Castro JL & Trejo Acuña JR

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