New Guía de Bolsillo de la de Aspergilosis invasora, 2. Ed
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Volume 24 (2007)

The invaluable incorporation of the new Editor-in-Chief, Josep Guarro i Artigas
G Quindós
Harmful Fungi in both Agriculture and Medicine
AJ de Lucca
Radiology of invasive fungal infections of the respiratory tract
A Hidalgo
Extracellular proteolytic activity and molecular analysis of Microsporum canis strains isolated from symptomatic and asymptomatic cats
FC Viani, PR Cazares Viani, IN Gutierrez Rivera, E Gonzalves da Silva, C Rodrigues Paula & W Gambale
Nematophagous fungi of Toxocara canis eggs in a public place of La Plata, Argentina
C Gortari, C Cazau & R Hours
Competitive interactions between Fusarium sambucinum Fuckel and Phoma glomerata (Corda) Wollenweber & Hochapfel under in vitro conditions
F Sempere Ferre, P Roselló Caselles & MP Santamarina Siurana
(GTG)5 microsatellite regions in citrinin-producing Penicillium
JA di Conza, AF Nepote, AM González & MC Lurá
Sporotrichosis in Iran
A Kazemi & A Razi
Extracutaneous sporotrichosis in a patient with liver cirrhosis
S Fonseca-Reyes, FJ López Maldonado, RC Miranda-Ackerman, E Vélez-Goméz, P Álvarez-Iñiguez, FA Velarde-Rivera & EP Ascensio-Esparza
Report of an imported cutaneous disseminated case of paracoccidioidomycosis
E Mayayo, V Gómez-Aracil, B Fernández-Torres, R Mayayo & M Domínguez
Alternaria alternata prevalence in cereal grains and soybean seeds from Entre Ríos, Argentina
LE Broggi, HH Lucas González, SL Resnik & A Pacin
Determination of trichothecenes, zearalenone and zearalenols in commercially available corn-based foods in Spain
MC Cerveró, MA Castillo, R Montes & E Hernández
Mycotoxin-producing potential of fungi isolated from 'alpataco' (Prosopis flexuosa) fruits
M Canafoglia, R Comerio, V Fernández Pinto & G Vaamonde
Detection of fungal metabolites showing toxic activity through Artemia salina bioassay
AM González, M Presa, MG Latorre & MC Lurá
Virulence testing and extracellular subtilisin-like (Pr1) and trypsin-like (Pr2) activity during propagule production of Paecilomyces fumosoroseus isolates from whiteflies (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)
J Castellanos-Moguel, M González-Barajas, T Mier, MR Reyes-Montes, E Aranda & C Toriello
Ocurrence of aflotoxin B' in diary cow's feed over 10 years in Portugal (1995-2005)
HM Martins, MM Guerra & F Bernardo
Incorporation of caffeine into the macromicete fungus Pleurotus sajor-caju growning on coffee pulp
IJ Nieto Ramirez, C Chegwin Angarita & HJ Osorio Zuluaga
Clinical cases in Medical Micology: Case No. 24
RM Musella, JP Castagnino, E Maiolo, R Negroni, A Arechavala & G Santiso
Clinical cases in Medical Micology: Case No. 25
R Negroni, E Maiolo, AI Arechavala, G Santiso & MH Bianchi
Morphometric characteristics of Malassezia sp. stained with picrosirius
MA Camilo, FA de Oliveira, JC Saldanha, R de Souza Lino Jr., M Clare Vinaud, MA dos Reis & P Antunes Texeira
A systematic literature review on the diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) from bronchoalveolar lavage clinical samples
FF Tuon
The Ascomycetes MAT locus: its evolution, structure and regulation
L Conde-Ferráez
The epidemiology of coccidioidomycosis in Mexico
RC Baptista Rosas & M Riquelme
False positive galactomannan results in adult hematological patients treated with piperacillin-tazobactam
A Alhambra, MS Cuétara, MC Ortiz, JM Moreno, A del Palacio, J Pontón & A del Palacio
Tinea unguium en el noroeste de Irán (1996-2004)
A Kazemi
Interdigital and foot fungal infection in patients with onychomycosis
C Chanussot & R Arenas
Dermatophytosis due to Trichophyton rubrum. Ten year period (1996-2006) data collection in a Dermatology Department in Mexico City
A Hernández-Salazar, P Carbajal-Pruneda, R Fernández Martínez & R Arenas
Nasal fungal microbiota in allergic and healthy subjects
M Sellart-Altisent, JM Torres-Rodríguez, S Gómez de Ana & E Alvarado-Ramírez
Occupational exposure to airborne fungi and bacteria in a sorting source-separated packages household waste plant
X Solans, RM Alonso, A Constans y A Mansilla
Evaluation of the cytotoxicity of AFB1, FB1 and AFB1/FB1 in intestinal cell
JC del Río García, C Moreno Ramos, P Pinton, S Mendoza Elvira & IP Oswald
Biotic and abiotic factors that affect the quality of Schinopsis balansae Engl. and Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco Schltdl. Seeds
C Alzugaray, NJ Carnevale, AR Salinas y R Pioli
Comparison of a randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis and ATB ID 32C system for identification of clinical isolates of different Candida species
L Baires-Varguez, A Cruz-García, L Villa-Tanaka, S Sánchez-García, LA Gaitán-Cepeda, LO Sánchez-Vargas, G Quindós & C Hernández-Rodríguez
Acute cholecystitis and biliary tract infections due to Candida
VE Rodríguez, CB Freuler, C Ezcurra & RA Durlach
Kodamaea ohmeri fungemia associated with surgery
A García-Tapia, R García-Agudo, P Marín, JL Conejo & P García-Martos
Native valve Aspergillus fumigatus endocarditis with blood culture positive and negative for galactomannan antigen. Case report and literature review
J Pemán, R Ortiz, F Osseyran, C Pérez-Bellés, M Crespo, M Chirivella, J Frasquet, A Quesada, E Cantón & M Gobernado
Cutaneous and meningeal sporotrichosis in a HIV patient
R Vilela, FG. Souza, G Fernandes Cota & L Mendoza
Disseminated histoplasmosis with lesions restricted to the larynx in a patient with AIDS. Report of a case and review of the literature
R Solari, M Corti, D Cangelosi, M Escudero, R Negroni, C Saccheri & R Schtirbu
Genetic and molecular characterization of pathogenic isolates of Pyricularia grisea from wheat (Triticum aestivum Lam.) and triticale (x Triticosecale Wittmack) in the state of Paraná, Brazil
C Busso, E Nobuyoshi Kaneshima, F de Assis Franco & MAA Castro-Prado
Clinical cases in Medical Mycology: Case No. 26
R Negroni, R Musella, A Arechavala, E Maiolo & H Rojas
Clinical cases in Medical Mycology: Case No. 27
R Negroni, E Maiolo, A Arechavala, V Fink & N Silguero
Present and future of voriconazole in the treatment of invasive mycoses: the inseparable binomial diagnosis-treatment
G Quindós, A del Palacio & J Pontón
Advances and limitations in the early diagnosis of invasive yeasts infections
J Pontón & A del Palacio
Early diagnosis of invasive fungal infections caused by Aspergillus and other emerging mycelial fungi
A del Palacio, A Alhambra, MS Cuétara & J Pontón
In vitro antifungal activity of voriconazole: New data after the first years of clinical experience
G Quindós, AJ Carrillo Muñoz, E Eraso, E Cantón & J Pemán
Role of voriconazole in critically ill patients with invasive mycoses
GF Álvarez Lerma
Current indications of voriconazole in onco-hematological patients
I Jarque & MA Sanz
Voriconazole for the therapy of mycoses in recipients of solid organ transplants
A Soler & M Salavert
Pharmacology of azoles
JR Azanza, E García-Quetglas & B Sádaba
The role of voriconazole in the treatment of emerging mycoses
FJ Pastor & J Guarro
Homage to Professor Dr. Rubén López Martínez: Mexican mycologist
F Hernández
Thirty years of the “Asociación Española de Micología”
J Pontón & JM Torres-Rodríguez
Coccidioidomycosis and other endemic mycoses in Mexico
R Laniado-Laborín
Cordyceps sinensis, a fungi used in the Chinese traditional medicine
C Illana Esteban
Candida albicans outbreak in a neonatal intensive care unit
IN Tiraboschi, S Carnovale, A Benetucci, N Fernández, I Kurlat, M Foccoli & M Beatriz Lasala
Examination of the genetic variability among biofilm-forming Candida albicans clinical isolates
E Liliana Durán, MT Mujica, VM Jewtuchowicz, JL Finquelievich, MV Piñón & CA Iovannitti
In vitro activity of amphotericin B and anidulafungin against Candida spp. biofilms
A Valentín, E Cantón, J Pemán & G Quindós
Concordance between phenotypical studies and PCR-REA for the identification of Malassezia spp.
CE Canteros, MC Rivas, W Lee, D Perrotta, ME Bosco-Borgeat & G Davel
Effectiveness of imazalil to control the fungal deterioration on the mummies in the Museo del Carmen in Mexico City
R López-Martínez, F Hernández-Hernández, BE Millán-Chiu, P Manzano-Gayosso & LJ Méndez-Tovar
The isoepoxydon dehydrogenase gene PCR profiles are useful in fungal taxonomy
RRM Paterson
Stereum hirsutum (Wild) Pers. action in dye degradation
N Mouso, L Diorio & F Forchiassin
Mycobiota of the date palm phylloplane: description and interactions
L Asensio, JA López-Jiménez & LV López-Llorca
Identification and susceptibility against fluconazole and albaconazole of 100 yeasts’ strains isolated from vaginal discharge
AI Arechavala, MH Bianchi, AM Robles, G Santiso & R Negroni
Additive action of honey and starch against Candida albicans and Aspergillus niger
L Boukraâ & S Bouchegrane
Disseminated histoplasmosis with hemophagocytic syndrome in a patient with AIDS: description of one case and review of the Spanish literature
A Gil-Brusola, J Pemán, M Santos, M Salavert, J Lacruz & M Gobernado
Isolation of Sporothrix schenckii from the environment in Venezuela
M Mendoza, E Diaz, P Alvarado, E Romero & MCB de Albornoz
Resistance to azolic compounds in Trichophyton spp. clinical isolates
LJ Méndez-Tovar, P Manzano-Gayosso, V Velásquez-Hernández, B Millan-Chiu, F Hernández-Hernández, R Mondragón-González & R López-Martínez
Histological analyses of the fungal endophytes in Rosa hybrida
C Salgado S, MC Cepero, E Realpe & S Restrepo
Clinical cases in Medical Mycology: Case No. 28
R Negroni, MH Bianchi, AI Arechavala, E Maiolo, G Santiso & L Olivares
Clinical cases in Medical Mycology: Case No. 29
R Negroni, AI Arechavala, E Maiolo, G Santiso, MH Bianchi, G González & T Orduna
Clinical cases in Medical Mycology: Case No. 30
E Maiolo, AI Arechavala, G Santiso, MH Bianchi, F Troglio, T Orduna & R Negroni

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